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Standing Up for Victims of Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Dallas

Nothing is more serious or complicated than a pileup accident. A single collision between two vehicles can lead to decades of trying to recover and heal, but when even cars are involved, the costs are more severe. Determining who is responsible for a pileup requires an in-depth investigation and the dedication to diligently review every detail.

If you were injured in a pileup accident that was caused by a negligent driver, we encourage you to contact us at The Lenahan Law Firm. Our Dallas pileup accident attorneys can determine if one or more parties caused your injuries, and then we will go to work getting you compensation. We know how to investigate complex auto accidents and are not afraid of standing up to big insurance companies to get our clients the justice they deserve. Call us today at (214) 295-1008 to get a free case evaluation.

What Causes Pileup Accidents?

Pileup accidents are extremely confusing for victims. Multiple impact points may make it difficult to determine where the accident started and who is responsible. However, these collisions are not completely random, and there are ways to determine who is liable for an accident. A collision may be the result of multiple negligent drivers or of a single driver negligently operating a large vehicle, such as a semi-truck.

First, it starts with understanding some of the major causes of these types of collisions. Multi-car accidents are always the fault of serious acts of negligence or recklessness, including:

The consequences of these actions are severe, often injuring multiple parties and lead to extensive property damage. While you may find it hard to determine who caused your injuries, a skilled personal injury attorney can go over the accident report, photo or video evidence, and witness testimonies to discover who is responsible for your trauma.

Who Is Responsible for Multi-Car Collisions?

Multi-car liability requires looking at the specific facts of your case and consulting with accident experts. An accident reconstructionist can analyze several aspects of a pileup, from tire marks to damage to vehicles, to determine the chain of events that led to your injuries. Your Dallas attorney may also need to review all available insurance policies and break down if one or more parties can share fault for your injuries.

If a single party caused your injuries, such as in the case of a cargo spill or jackknife accident, then your claim will be against that party’s insurance company. However, if multiple parties caused your injuries, then your claim may be split between their insurance policies with multiple auto accident claims. Your attorney can review each drivers’ actions and assign them a certain percentage of fault for your injuries. Depending on the amount of fault assigned to each driver, you can recover a specific amount of money for each claim. Altogether, these claims should add up to the full costs of your injuries.

Recovering Compensation for Your Car Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, getting compensation from a pileup accident requires going head-to-head with one or more insurance companies, who may be dismissive of your injuries. Each company will try to shift blame and fight your claim, but our team at The Lenahan Law Firm have decades of experiencing standing up for accident victims. We can investigate the driver, or drivers, who injured you and hold their insurance companies to their policies to get you the highest award possible. If you were injured in a multi-car accident, contact us at (214) 295-1008 to talk about what happened in a free consultation with a Dallas car accident attorney.

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